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Sradhavan Eco-Yoga Retreat

Only for groups of minimun 5 persons

Deepen your yoga practice, enjoy a quiet yogic lifestyle in the beautiful andean mountains of Cusco

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Welcome to our ecological retreat center

Join us for 3 days in our retreat in beautiful rural setting on the shores of the Vilcanota River surrounded by the amazing Andean Mountains in the Valley of Cusco. These retreats are offered to those who like to be outside of the crowded cities. Our retreat center is more a vivencial "living" retreat where we share rooms and space with others, help to organize, clean and prepare the meals together.

Our Center and Facilities
Our retreat center is build in a nice adobe house with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and river. Visitorss stay in comfortable shared rooms and bathrooms.
We also have a beautiful octagonal meditation center and Yoga Shala on the banks of the Vilcanota River. We have conserved the ecology of the land as all the rooms and social areas have solar energy.We also have a beautiful octagonal meditation center and Yoga Shala on the banks of the Vilcanota River. We have conserved the ecology of the land as all the rooms and social areas have solar energy. The cell phone reception that is available in the area is with a "Bitel" sim card. We provide two hours of internet daily during the day.

Our Programretreatcuscov
7 am Kirtan/Pranayama Meditation
8:00 am Breakfast
9: 30 Workshop
11:00 Yoga Class
1?:00 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Resting
4:00 pm Yoga Class
7:00 pm Dinner

Yoga Practice
Vinyasa Flow; Gentle but effective practice of essential body postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques designed to enhance overall health and cultivate spiritual awareness. We will share the experience of exploring the expansiveness of our mind, breath and bodies, bringing consciousness into all aspects of our life.

Finding inner peace and creativity through the art of meditation. A time for quiet contemplation, relaxation and visualization.

Vegetarian Meals
You will enjoy delicious vegetarian food cooked with loving intention and offered with mantras to the Divine. Recipes draw on traditional, worldwide, lacto-vegetarian cuisine (vegan option)?.

Our food is 100% vegetarian and all our meals are lovingly prepared with vegetables, herbs and Andean grains.

Our "Eco Yoga Retreat " is strategically located in the Sacred Valley of Cusco on the shores of the Vilcanota River, one hour south of Cusco by Bus (just passed the village of Vicho) if you are in Cusco, take a taxi to the bus station in Wuayna Capac street #133, the buses that goes to San Salvador. Get off the bus 3 min. after passing the village of Vicho and 10 minutes before San Salvador (around 45 min. from cusco). Ask to get off at the"Eco Yoga" stop. The bus costs 3 soles. (Do not come without confirmation of your arrival, it could be that we are not in the moment)

Items to bring: Flashlight, towel, watch (not from cell), personal toiletries, a good jacket, pants and socks for the night.

Advice: do not go to the farm after 4pm since it will be dark and it will be difficult to locate the farm.

Program Fee
$ 190.00 US dollars for 3 days

Make your payment before departure to the farm or in first day of arrival.

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I found this retreat to be excellent. It is the first time that I became interested in yoga, and that is because of your guidance and the explanation of the philosophy and also leadership for the poses. I would not change anything about the retreat, it was great. Thank you for everything. Namaste. I am grateful. I especially liked the discussions about missions in life, purpose in life. Chris

Really liked the philosophy paired with the yoga. It brought a new understanding to what yoga is, why to do it. I loved the chakra workshop, wish it was longer! ! Loved all the aspects, the yoga the mediation, the service,being around your family, bringing your life to it, bringing India here, the astrology. Itwas very organized. Just your presence brought me happiness because I have been looking for a deeper part of this trip and this definitely brought it for me. Thank you. I appreciate your king touch and going out of your way. your calmness and serenity is so nice to see in the world. Hope our paths will cross again. Hope you can do so much for the other group of Leap Year students. You all are wonderful. I could tell from the first circle we had with you. Beautiful building! Beautiful setting! Corinne Gay

Muchísimas gracias! Aprendí mucho, crecí, y siento que el grupo experimento nuevas ideas y maneras de ser. I sense that we all experienced an increase in consciousness and deepening of awareness. We were able to go beyond mental limitations through the physical asanas and increased out knowledge about yoga, meditation chakras, and vedic astrology. The food ws energetically potent and delicious. Gracias tambien por lasconversaciones que compartieron conmigo y por guiarnos with your modeling presence in your family and how you relate with each other. It is beautiful to see a family that is so clearly and radiantly on their path. I appreciate your extra care and long hours devoted to the health and well-being of our group and its members. The fire ceremony was beautiful and meaningful. Gracias for you your powerful intentions and authenticity. I am very grateful for the past three days. What a blessing to be here. I look forward to staying connected with you. Abrazos. Namaste. – Janiva

Great food, encouraged bodily wellness. accommodations ere perfect, clean, comfy, privacy. schedule was great balance of teachings, meditation and yoga. Astrology and chakras were taught effectively. appreciate openness of family. Would like to hear the life story of the teachers. People were kind and welcoming. Thanks for eating with us and fiving us time after meals to discuss things with you. Enjoyed having small group -  more help and attention. -David

Sradavam Eco Yoga Asrama (5min. from San salvador), Sacred Valley Cuzco, Peru.
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Email: chaitanyand@gmail.com

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