Chaitanya Nitai Das (Jyotish Shastracharya)

Chaitanya Nitai das is a native of Lima, Peru. At a very young age he was drawn to Eastern Philosophy and the Vedic principles of Indian culture. He lived in the ashrams (monasteries) of Peru for seven years as a yogic monk. During that time, he started the “Eco Truly Park or Yoga Planetarium,” a complex of ecological domes based on the concept of ancient cosmology.
Chaitanya has received several spiritual initiations in Vedic knowledge and is well versed in its philosophy, principles and practices. He start his astrological studies with teachers of the American Council of Vedic Astrologers in USA, with Howard Beckman, David Frawley and Vaughn Paul Manley. and during his travels to India He received his official certification from the "All India Federation of Astrologers Societies", receiving the honorary title of Jyotish Shastracharya.
Currently he is the Co-founder of the Instituto of Vedic Astrology "Sri Saraswati" located in Florida USA.

Chaitanya is living in Cuzco-Peru, where he is the Director of the Yoga Inbound school and is giving courses in Vedic Astrology as well as private astrological consultations.
"By understanding the influence the planets have on our lives, we are able to live in harmony with ourselves, others and our environment. " Chaitanya


I had my Vedic chart read by Chaitanya recently as a gift from my partner. It was very thought provoking and has struck me aware of great things, and inspired me to get involved in certain areas of my life. I had the session with my partner and we had both our charts done simultaneously and this allowed for great insight on many of our challenges and our compatiblities. Chaitanya was very calm and knowledgeable, the time was well spent. Thank you Chaitanya.
Tabatha, Miami USA

Chaitanya has a unique style of reading charts. He combines science with sensibility and presents charts in a positive and dynamic way, helping people discover their goal in life and develop their spiritual potentials.
Loren Klein, Venezuela

Having a reading with chaitanya was truly an eye-opening experience! my partner and i gained insight about ourselves and our relationship dynamics that has made a big difference for us. chaitanya was thoughtful, intuitive and a pleasure to learn from.
Dominic Klaus, England

Sradavam Eco Yoga Asrama (5min. from San salvador), Sacred Valley Cuzco, Peru.
WhatsApp:+51 967-799577
Email: chaitanyand@gmail.com

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